2015 Interlude

by Derz

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This is the first track I'm releasing from the final project in my Ocean Trilogy. It's not the first single, just some beautiful music to vibe to.

I like to think of it as Aimer L'Avenir Part 2.

Instrumental made by Youth Lagoon (Original Song: "Doll's Estate")


Verse 1:
Cotton candy Skies
And beautiful sunsets that disguise
My life this year has been full of highs and lows
Left me wondering which way the wind will blow
When it’s all said and done
There’s something to be said for only living for the fun
Cause then you don’t get caught up in it all
And can better understand meanings
Be they profound or small
Of the things I’ve seen in the XV dream
One of the scenes was love, lust, and heartache
And it seemed to be a theme
Plus everything that gleamed or glistened
Was book-ended by reminders of how temporary the heart listens
Continually trying to find something worthwhile
All the while I’m clouded by my own selfish denial
Of the possibility of monogamy in the world we live in
So many possibilities, it’s hard to see it as the ideal position
And yet I find it crazy how hungry we all are for it
Setting ourselves up for failure
Just so we can be admired for it
But I still saw some successes
And maybe that’s what keeps us from learning our lessons
I feel like most of the year I was an amateur philosopher
Contemplating fears, motives, and personal evolution
What is it that makes us begin our own revolution?
And how do we commence the process of our internal restitution?
Losing myself is something that I said I’d never do
So instead I dug deeper, and learned more as my mind and soul grew

Verse 2:
And on, and on, and on
My songs have become a calming influence whenever something goes wrong
And when it goes right I still look forward to the night
When I get to write about how my dreams may take flight in the daytime
Something else significant seemed to be how some friends went missing
Others became distant
And yet new ones sprouted out the ground like they envisioned it
See I know when it all changed; I can pinpoint it
So does that mean I can bring about another season if I void it?
Or re-calibrate the passion that we had when we were younger
These years passing makes me feel like we lost some of our hunger
But yo, I hope they know I love them still
I hope that they can grow and become what I always knew they will
Still better I seen friends chasing dreams
And others living out worldwide schemes
The beauty of life is the uncertainty of the next moment
And when you come to terms with that, it means that you’re growing

Verse 3:
It’s kind of terrifying to think that soon I’ll be responsible
For the advancement of the next generation overcoming obstacles
It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was eight
Sitting down in Mrs. Smith’s class in the 2nd Grade
Helping others achieve whatever it was they dreamed up
Was something that a young dude had actually dreamed off
And throw in the fact that by teaching history
I can show ‘em how their own pasts contribute to their future vicinity
Cause it’s really all connected
And intertwined, and then resurrected
Time is never linear
It’s a constant progression
Waiting to be recalled for the next lesson
And believe me, I’m always learning
Cause to teach, ya always gotta stay yearning
To know more about the world around you
I find it profound that at 24 I’m still expanding my view
Beyond what I ever thought it could be
2015 has shown that there’s still so much mystery
Even in the midst of such misery
I say a prayer for my people out there in Paris
My love for Le Bleus is always and forever apparent
And with all that death and destruction going on
I hope the light of my song shines on


released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Derz Garden Grove, California

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